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Berry Buzz Ethiopian Coffee
Berry Buzz Ethiopian Coffee
Berry Buzz Ethiopian Coffee

Berry Buzz Ethiopian Coffee

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Get your caffeine buzz on with a bright blast of cranberry in this balanced Ethiopian coffee.

This sweet, fruity coffee was farmed at high altitude, hand sorted and sun-dried on elevated beds.

Tasting notes

Awaken your senses with an aroma like fresh-cut flowers and a flavor that's sweet like jammy cherry pie. 

This coffee makes a very bright cup with fruity hints of cranberry and dried cherry and a signature sweetness that you'd expect from Ethiopian coffee. 

Roasting notes

Roasted at medium (light city) to highlight the vibrant fruity notes of this Ethiopian coffee.

Serving instructions

Berry Buzz beans are roasted-fresh, and you’ll get the most out of your coffee when you grind it at home. Of course, we’re always happy to grind it for you. Just choose your grind above.

  • Hot coffee: We recommend using a French press or pour-over coffee maker to taste the finer nuances of this bean. Automatic drip machines will also produce a good cup.
  • Espresso: Berry Buzz has a flavor profile that lends itself very well to espresso. We encourage you to try it! Just be sure to grind your coffee beans on the finest setting or choose espresso grind above and we’ll grind it for you.  
Time to get your Berry Buzz on!