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Cloud Nine Kenya AA Coffee
Cloud Nine Kenya AA Coffee
Cloud Nine Kenya AA Coffee

Cloud Nine Kenya AA Coffee

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Discover the best of what specialty coffees have to offer as you drift off to Cloud Nine.

Cloud Nine coffee beans are from a micro-lot, which makes them intensely rare and special. Not only do they come from the same Kenyan farm, but they’re harvested from a very specific area within that farm that consistently produces the best grade coffee (85+ cupping score).

Cloud Nine coffees offer another layer of excellence on top of their micro-lot origin. These are Kenya AA coffee beans, which means they are among the world’s best. They are cultivated slowly at high altitudes to give the seeds plenty of time to develop flavors and mature.

Made from a micro-lot of the largest beans grown in Kenya, Cloud Nine brews up a complex, fruity and bright cup.

Tasting notes

Cloud Nine has distinct notes of blackcurrant and fruity undertones that intensify as it cools.

Roasting notes

Small-batch roasted at medium-dark (full city) roast to highlight a hint of spice. 

Serving instructions

High Ground beans are roasted-fresh, and you’ll get the most out of your coffee when you grind it at home. Of course, we’re always happy to grind it for you. Just choose your grind above.

  • Hot coffee: We recommend using a French press or pour-over coffee maker to taste the finer nuances of this bean. Automatic drip machines will also produce a good cup.
  • Espresso: High Ground has a flavor profile that lends itself very well to espresso. We encourage you to try it! Just be sure to grind your coffee beans on the finest setting or choose espresso grind above and we’ll grind it for you.  
  • Cold brew: As a cold brew, you’ll taste Cloud Nine in a whole new way. Cold brewing eliminates most of the acidity that coffee is known for, so you’ll get subtler more muted fruity flavors.