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What Does Single Origin Coffee Really Mean?

Even an aspiring coffee snob will tell you that they understand the difference between single origin coffee and a coffee blend. But there’s knowing, and then there’s knowing. In truth, there are very few people who have a vast knowledge of coffee, and that includes single origins. But that’s just because there’s a lot to know. You may understand what a single origin coffee is at the surface, but a truly sophisticated coffee drinker also understands the ins and outs. And if you don’t yet know about single origins, no worries. Just click here for a simple definition. There’s a ton to learn in the world of coffee appreciation, so no judgement on where you stand currently. And hey, there’s...

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Is Single Origin Coffee Better?

As you start learning about coffee, there are probably two things that top off your list. Fresh coffee is ALWAYS best Coffee snobs seem to like single origins To get to the bottom of whether single origin coffee is really better, we have to figure out what it is and what we’re comparing it to. The alternative to single origin coffees are coffee blends. And while there are some great blends out there, most people prefer single origins. It’s kind of like when you’re choosing a fine wine. Single origin wines are more valuable because they allow you to appreciate all the nuances of the region from which they come. Let’s dig a little deeper. What is a Single Origin...

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